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What You Need to Know About 虐待儿童的指控


任何与14岁以下未成年人的猥亵或性接触都可能使你容易受到儿童性骚扰的指控. The penalty for such crimes can be very serious. 近年来,对根据第288条被认定有罪的人处以最高25年或以上的刑期已变得司空见惯.加州刑法第7条.

然而, not all is lost if you are accused of such a crime. In fact, you may be able to mount an effective defense. The truth is that sometimes children are influenced to say things that aren’t true, or accusations can be levied due to personal animosity. It is not uncommon for ex-lovers to ask kids to make things up, for example. Or kids can let their imaginations get the better of them, or use allegations as a cry for help or attention.

If you ever think that you may be subject to allegations of child abuse or molestation, 马上打电话给我们. 我们将迅速调查情况,并制定策略,以获得最佳可能的结果,同时也在每一步保护您的权利.

很多时候,猥亵儿童的指控是在所谓的事件发生多年后才提出的. An adult is having difficulties with their lives, and then remember that they were molested as a child, which may explain their troubles to them. 在某些情况下,诉讼时效将不适用于性骚扰指控. 不要冒险. 联系 Lamanobet356事务所 immediately for help if you are being accused of molestation, 即使这些指控是几十年前的.

当过去的人联系他们,要求他们为自己所做的事情道歉时,许多人都陷入了一个陷阱. 常常是令人困惑的, 或者情况非常模糊, and the accused will say sorry without really knowing what they are supposed to have done. In some cases, the call may be recorded or was made from the police station. 如果你接到这样的电话, whether you admitted or apologized for anything or not, 马上打电话给我们寻求帮助.

如果未成年人的年龄在14到17岁之间,情况可能会稍微复杂一些. In many cases, any sexual activity may be consensual. 这仍然是一种犯罪行为,如果肇事者比受害者至少大3岁,就会受到更大的惩罚. 然而,在这些案件中,犯罪者不一定要登记为性犯罪者. 确保你联系Lamanobet356事务所检查你的案件,并做好工作,使你远离性登记名单.

如果你正在接受治疗, then you definitely want to be as open and honest with them as possible. 然而, if you make an admission about potential sexual molestation, then your therapist may be legally required to contact the police. 在你和你的治疗师讨论某些情况之前,一定要先和我们谈谈. 我们可以帮你避免在你以为你们的谈话是机密但实际上不是的时候,警察突然来找你.

Publication of Your Personal Information and Photos
When you are convicted of a sexual crime in California, there’s a good chance that your personal information, 如名称, address, 和照片, 将在网上发布. The idea is to protect the public, but in reality, it puts people in danger. 立法者把所有人混为一谈, 无论他们是多次侵犯的恋童癖,还是那些在青少年时期与另一个青少年发生性关系的人. 我们将尽一切努力确保您的信息的隐私,您和您的家人的安全.

Sex Offender Registration for Child Molestation Cases
如果你被判为性侵犯者, 那么你将被要求注册为加州第290号刑法典的一员. 这意味着每年, you will have to report to your assigned police station, and also report to the police station of any new city or town to which you move. Registration can ruin a person’s life and make it harder to do things like get a job, 回到学校, 或者只是安全的生活.

In some cases, it may be possible to overturn an order to register. 例如, 如果你认罪, you may not have gotten all of the information you needed to make an informed decision. 或者你可以提交一份康复证明或者让你的bet356提出动议撤销你的辩护.

无论如何,你最好的选择是联系bet356来帮助你的案子. Lamanobet356事务所的专家会检查你的情况的每个方面,并为你提供选择. 我们会不惜一切代价让你免于牢狱之灾也不让你被登记为性犯罪者这样你就可以继续你的生活了.


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被诬告虐待儿童? 以下是你需要知道的.


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